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Dunkin CML Donut Size Gauges (Portable)

Lanco's portable donut size gauge is a great way to check your donuts throughout the production stream. Dunkin Donut stores can also use the guage to ensure they are receiving donuts properly manufactured to size. Our gauge lets you easily and instantly know if your donuts are correct. Each gauge is CNC machined from domestic FDA compliant Delrin plastic. Made in the USA. 

Dunkin CML Donut Size Gauges (Bench Resting)

Are you a Dunkin CML? If so you need to ensure you are making your donuts to the prescribed tolerances. Lanco's stainless steel gauges will ensure your donuts are size compliant. You will no longer have to guess if your donuts are within size. Our gauge uses a thick engraved base plate with an engraved solid height gauge. All precision engraved 300-series stainless steel. 

Cake Ring (#L18055)


Per Each

Best Package Offer

Minimum O.D.: 3-1/4"

Maximum O.D.: 3-1/2"

Minimum I.D.: 5/8"

Maximum I.D.: 7/8"

L18055 Cake ring gauge, portable

Yeast Ring (#L18052)


Per Each

Best for General Upkeep

Minimum O.D.: 3-1/4"

Maximum O.D.: 4"

Minimum I.D.: 3/4"

Maximum I.D.: 1"

L18052 Yeast ring gauge, portable

Yeast Shell (#L18054)


Per Each

Best for Busy Homes

Minimum O.D.: 3"

Maximum O.D.: 3-3/4"

L18054 Yeast shell gauge, portable

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