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Racking Products

Transportation Rack Isolator Blocks

Metal-on-metal impact in food production can be dangerous. Transportation racks are often rolled into one another in your plant and on your trucks. These impacts and rubbing can damage the rack and shear or chip off bits of aluminum. This aluminum may land undetected on your product. 


Lanco's patent-pending isolators fix these problems. Our injection molded polyethelene isolators stop the metal-on-metal contact between transportation racks. Don't risk feeding your customers aluminum. 

Made in the U.S.A.    [p/n: L15016]

L15016 Corner Isolator

Mall Mounted Roll-a-Bag Dispenser

Stop fighting with your transportation rack cover bags. Lanco's heavy duty stainless steel wall mounted roll holder takes all of the difficulties out of the job. 

Simply mount the roll-a-bag holder on a wall and place the roll on the heady duty stainless steel spindle. No tools are required to change the roll. 

Save 15% by ordering 4 or more.

Made in the U.S.A.    [p/n: L17001]

L17001 Wall Mount Roll-a-Bag Holder

Wheeled Roll-a-Bag Dispenser

The same ease of use as our wall mounted holder with the added benefit of portability. Lanco's heavy duty stainless steel wheeled roll holder takes all of the difficulties out of the job. 

Tool free loading of bag rolls plus storage for two additional rolls. Same heavy duty stainless steel construction as our wall mounted version. 

Made in the U.S.A.    [p/n: L17029]

L17029 Wheeled Roll-a-Bag Holder

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